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This guide provides research resources and assistance for fashion.

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Essential Online Resources For Fashion

Fashion Books

Books are an essential resource for fashion designers. Several new books are listed below; the libraries offer many more! Use this search box or explore this guide to find additional books.

Examples of New Fashion Books in the Libraries - Fall 2017

The Fashion Designer's Sketchbook
Daniel Lismore
How to Read a Dress
The Vintage Showroom
Couture Conversations
Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between

Ask A Librarian

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SCAD Libraries
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Resources for SCAD FASH


SCAD FASH, located at SCAD Atlanta, advances fashion as a multi-faceted practice through premier exhibits and events. The ACA Library of SCAD Atlanta offers books and other information sources on reserve, that complement current SCAD FASH exhibits and encourage further learning and exploration.