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Artists' Book Collection - ACA Library at SCAD Atlanta: Past Annual Artist's Book Events

This guide will help you use library tools to find information and inspiration for your research on artists' books.

Artists' Book Competition and Student Competition

Each spring the library hosts a Juried Student Artists' Book Competition and Artist's Book Symposium. SCAD students from any location may enter up to three artists' books that were made within one year of the competition deadline. An outside juror selects three award winning books and may award honorable mentions as well as selecting entries to put on display in the Student Artist's Book Exhibit. Award winning books are purchased by the library and entered into the Artist's Book Collection.

The symposium is dedicated to the discussion and study of artists' books and typically includes several speakers, a free workshop for SCAD students, a reception, and a chance to handle all of the artists' books from the competition in a 'petting zoo' and viewer's choice voting opportunity.

11th Annual Competition Winners

11th Annual Competition Winners | Juror Andrew Huot

First Place: Allison Bolt - Roots, Greens, and Seeds of Appalachia
Second Place: Kendra Willis - The Redbone District: Traces of Dorothy Tisinger
Third Place: Dawn Taylor - Little Bird
Honorable Mention: Sarah Freeland - La Poesie des Montagnes
Librarians' Choice: Elisabeth Keeter - Book of Anger
Viewer's Choice: Maggie Yuen - Precious

10th Annual Competition Winners

First Place | Hannah Kraus | Three Names | Photography

Second Place | Jennie Watts | Dog Girl | Printmaking

Third Place | Carman Anderson | Harmony | Sequential

9th Annual Competition Winners


9th Annual Competition Winners | Juror Ashley Schick

Sculptural Books

  • First Place: Bentley’s Blueberry Tea, Norah Zagorski
  • Second Place: Good Afternoon Balloon, Morgan Ball
  • Third Place: Sacred, Helen O’Connor
  • Honorable Mention: Untitled (One-Way Trip), Liangyi He

Wordless Books

  • First Place: Hue, Helen O’Connor
  • Second Place: Munch, Misha Freyberger
  • Third Place: Illusion, Linh-Chi Nguyen

Books with Text: Original Content

  • First Place: #FAFATL, Amy M Douglas
  • Second Place: Room for Jesus, Kasey Melin
  • Third Place: Monotonous, Ye Sol Lee

Books with Text: Sourced Content

  • First Place: Unfavorable Amazon Reviews, Milo Reid
  • Second Place: Pan’s Labyrinth, Carlos Albaladejo
  • Third Place: Relativity, Keeley Gribb
  • Honorable Mention: Grand Budapest Hotel, My Thao Nguyen


  • First Place: Deep Inside My Mind, Alexander Solomon
  • Second Place: SCAD Atlanta Radio Music Zine (3), SCAD Radio
  • Third Place: On LGBT Representation in the Media, Hannah Pasedag

Librarian’s Choice:

  • First Place: Einstein’s Dreams, Vitor Silva
  • Honorable Mention: Looking, Peter Tran

10th Annual Competition Winners | Juror Bill Boling

First place: Three Names | Hannah Kraus | Grad, Photography, ATL

Second place: Dog Girl | Jennie Waits | Senior, Printmaking, ATL

Third place: Harmony | Anderson Carman | Senior, Sequential Art, ATL

Librarian’s choice: Eclipsed | Julisiah Toney | Senior, Photography, ATL

Librarian’s choice: Sunday in the Park | Soo Kim | Sophomore, Painting, ATL

Class project award: Professor Thomas Burns’ Illustration class – Nesting Dolls

Class project first place: Hungry Bunch | Erika Torres | Grad, Illustration, ATL

Honorable mention:  The Bicycle | Amalia Restrepo | Grad, Illustration, SAV

Honorable mention: Wanderers | Peter Pelfrey | Sophomore, Graphic Design, ATL

Honorable mention: Lost Connection | Anderson Carman | Senior, Sequential Art, ATL

Honorable mention: Hangnail | Kevin Patterson | Sophomore, Television Production, ATL

Slide show of past symposia

4th Annual Student Artist's Book Competition

Students who had award winning books in 2011.


9th Annual Artists' Book Sympoium : Instant Book!

Make your own instant book! Just print the PDFs double sided and follow the cut and fold directions.