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SCAD Libraries strive to provide the best resources to its faculty and students. In an effort to meet this goal, we are constantly testing new databases and other electronic resources that will provide its users with rich learning experiences. Please take a moment to test our current trial database, then tell us what you think by submitting a feedback form.

 Your input is valuable - thank you for participating!


Database Features

ProQuest News & Newspapers provides access to:

Key U.S. titles:

  • New York Times (backfile from 1980 forward)
  • Wall Street Journal (backfile from 1984 forward)
  • Washington Post (backfile from 1987 forward)
  • Los Angeles Times (backfile from 1985 forward)
  • Chicago Tribune (backfile from 1985 forward)

International titles:

  • The Straits Times (backfile from 1995 forward)
  • The Guardian (backfile from 1996 forward)
  • Financial Times (backfile from 1996 forward)
  • Globe and Mail (backfile from 1977 forward)
  • The Age (backfile  from 1996 forward)
  • The Hindu (backfile from 1996 forward)
  • El Mundo (backfile from 2008 forward)
  • Toronto Star (backfile from 1985 forward)

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Current Trial Database



This trial runs from April 1 - May 31, 2015, and is accessible both on- and off-campus. It contains the following ProQuest products: Gannett Newsstand, Georgia Newsstand, National Newspapers Core, National Newspapers Expanded, National Newspapers Premier.

Database Feedback