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Business of Beauty and Fragrance Research Portal: Books

Create Search Terms

Use keywords instead of full sentences. 

Try several terms when searching. You can also use Boolean Operators:

‚ÄčAND = searches for both words (ex: Basquiat AND biography)

OR = searchers for either word (ex: green OR eco-friendly)

NOT = does not search the 2nd word (ex: jaguar NOT car)

"quotation marks" = searches for that term exactly (ex: "The Two Fridas")

~tilde = searches for synonyms of the word it's attached to (ex: healthy ~food)

asterisk*= searches for variations of the root word or stem (ex: admin* will return: administrator, administration, administer, administered, etc.)

*You can combine any of these.

Search for Books

*eBooks are the same as traditional books, even though they are online. Once you are looking at the eBook online, you can search within the text for a specific word or phrase.

Google Book Search

*Google Books searches within the text  and can find references to specific artists, pieces, or exhibitions. This will help you locate a possible resource that you may have missed in the Catalog.  When you've found a source, click on the "Library Search" link on the lefthand side to see if the book is located in SCAD Libraries.

Search the SCAD Libraries catalog for books, ebooks, DVDs, and magazine/journal subscriptions:


New Titles

A Victorian Lady's Guide to Fashion and Beauty
Perfume of Gems
Perfumes : the guide 2018
Understanding the Marketing Exceptionality of Prestige Perfumes
Coco Chanel

eBook Tips

Looking for online resources? Books in this guide that are followed by a paper icon  are available as eBooks. Log into your SCAD account from the library homepage to access these materials from home.

Need more help? Ask a Librarian to connect you with library resources.