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Finding and Using Images: SCAD Digital Image Database

Tips for finding images for research and creative projects

SCAD Digital Image Database

SCAD's Digital Image Database (DID) is maintained by the Visual Resources Center and contains a custom array of images just for the SCAD community.

Click the link below to enter the DID database.

DID Tutorial

DID Tutorial

Images Created On Request

this book

Do you need high quality images related to a specific artist, artwork, or subject? The Visual Resources Center (VRC) welcomes requests from patrons in all SCAD locations. The images will be added to the Digital Image Database so everyone at SCAD can benefit.

To make a request, please fill out and submit an online Image Request Form.

Additional policies and procedures are posted on the VRC's library page.

Creative Commons licensed image

DID Images and Copyright

Patrons may only access and use the SCAD DID and any content in the database for educational and scholarly uses that are noncommercial in nature. Commercial uses are strictly prohibited.

Search Tips

Enter information into at least two fields to begin a search (use any combination of text boxes and/or menu selections)

For example, below, "Architecture/Topography" category is selected and "plan" is entered in the subject/object field to locate architectural plans and drawings

DID search

Download an Image

Both medium- and high-resolution images are available for download:

  • Click on an image in the result list and it will open in a new window.
  • Select the resolution you wish to use (circled below)
  • Right-click or apple-click (on a Mac) on the image to download

Recommended Keywords

The DID uses specific terms to describe its images. Use the keywords on these handouts to improve your search results.