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Finding and Using Images: ARTstor

Tips for finding images for research and creative projects


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ARTstor contains over 2 million high-quality images in all areas of the arts.

Click the link below to enter the ARTstor database.

ARTstor Help

Consult the links below, or speak with visual resources or library staff for additional assistance.

ARTstor Images and Copyright

ARTstor images are meant for educational, non-commercial use only. For example, current SCAD students may use ARTstor images in unpublished assignments. 

Additional permission must be obtained to reproduce ARTstor images in publications and on unrestricted websites.

Advanced Presentation Tips

ARTstor images can be downloaded individually and added to Word docs, Powerpoint presentations, any almost any other document that accepts JPEGs.

Two advanced ways of presenting images include:

Powerpoint - If you have saved groups of images within ARTstor, export them quickly to Powerpoint.

Presenting with Artstor images in Powerpoint

Offline Image Viewer (OIV) - ARTstor's own free presentation software. Faculty - please contact SCAD's Technology Help Desk to add OIV to an office or classroom computer.

Additional info about using OIV


Introduction to Artstor

Create A Personal Account

A personal ARTstor account is needed to download images and access custom features.

For new users: registration is free and easy:

  • Enter the ARTstor digital library via SCAD Libraries' website or research guides
  • Click on "Enter Artstor Digital Library" at upper right
  • Click "register" link at upper right -- use your SCAD email address when completing this form.

For returning ARTstor users: Log in using the same upper-right corner box. (If your password doesn't work, you may re-set it by clicking "Forgot password?")

View and Download Images

To view image details and download:

  • Enter a search term
  • From the list of results, click on an image
  • The image opens in a new window
  • Full image information (artist, title, date, etc.) is listed at the right
  • Use the icons at the upper left of image to zoom in/out, etc.
  • Use the buttons above the image information to download, print, link, and/or save image to a group

Artstor Blog

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