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Introduction to the Research Process: Find Information

Find In-Depth Information

Use a wide range of sources - images, books, articles and more - to support your research.

ACA at computer

Search Strategies

Boolean Operators are words and symbols that group keywords in specific ways.

  • Group keywords together with quotation marks to search as an exact phrase. Example: “alfred hitchcock”
  • Use AND to combine several keywords or phrases. Example: “opening credits”  AND typography
  • Use OR to search for information about one term, and also articles about another term. Example: film OR cinema
  • Use the asterisk * if you want to search multiple iterations of a keyword. Example: sequenc* = sequence, sequences, sequencing

Search the Catalog

Use the quick search below, or start at


Some eBooks may be accessed by searching the library catalog.

Need more eBooks? Search eBook databases, listed below.


There are dozens of article databases to choose from at SCAD Libraries. Select a database that covers your topic and has the kind of information you need (scholarly information, news, etc.)

Browse all databases by subject or by database title.

Or try one of these popular databases:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Configure Google Scholar to access full text articles via the SCAD Libraries' subscription databases. Find set-up instructions here.


High-quality images add interest to papers and presentations. They are essential for art research. Use the resources below to find images: