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Finding and Using E-books: Safari eBooks

About Safari eBooks


Digital library providing over 10,000 books on technology, digital media, and business.

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Searching Safari Books Online

There are a number of ways to filter searches to find exactly the piece of information you need: Quick Search - including Suggested Search - Nested Search, Advanced Search and several check boxes at the top of the Search Results list. You can also save a search into a Smart Folder with the click of a button.

Quick Search


Enter a search term in the Quick Search text entry field at the top left corner of the screen. By default, entering multiple words in this field will search for sections where all words appear within 50 words of each other. Use quotation marks around a phrase to return results with exactly that phrase.

Click the dropdown to the right of the text entry field to limit the search term(s) you entered to a specific content type.


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