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Finding and Using E-books: Ebook Central

About Ebook Central eBooks

A collection of over 30,000 ebooks covering a variety of subject areas.

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Ebook Central System Requirements

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If you use firewall or security software, you might need to modify your configuration to prevent it from blocking ebrary.

FAQs and Help Tips

Can more than one person access a document at a time?
Most documents can be viewed by any number of people at a time.
However, your library or institution might purchase some documents that are available for viewing by only one user (or a certain number of users) at a time. If you try to view one of these documents and it is in use, a pop-up message lets prompts you to put yourself on a waiting list for the document.

Why can´t I save a copy of the entire document?
An ebrary reader delivers documents to your desktop page by page. Page-by-page delivery eliminates time-consuming downloads and provides copyright protection for our publishing partners.

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Searching for a book

Ebook Central Tutorial: Finding and Using E-Books

Watch the video below to learn how to:

  • Conduct a search
  • Open a document
  • Explore the document
  • Highlight text and take notes
  • Use InfoTools
  • Print pages, and copy and paste text
  • Manage, archive and share research