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Architectural History Research Portal: Additional Resources

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For additional research information, try these guides:

Websites to visit

The Society of Architectural Historians was founded in 1940 to advance knowledge and understanding of the history of architecture, design, landscape, and urbanism worldwide.  

The Getty Research Institute Architecture & Design Collections includes a vast array of materials related to architecture and the design of exhibitions, interiors, graphics, textiles, and industrial materials. These diverse resources reveal the complex dimensions of the design process, from initial sketches and study models to evocative final renderings, detailed construction drawings, and published promotional photographs. 

Scholarly Articles

What makes an article scholarly?

  • It is written by an academic
  • It is published in an academic journal
  • It contains citations
  • It has been through Peer Review

Why use scholarly sources?

  • They are more credible than other sources
  • They have been thoroughly researched
  • The bibliographies lead to more sources