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ARTH 347 - Great Masters' Materials and Techniques - Mason: Find Books

Research tips and resources for Dr. Mason's class - Savannah - Summer 2020

Which books are scholarly?

To identify scholarly books, check for:

  • A university or academic publisher (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge)
  • Authors/editors are scholars, professors, curators, etc.
  • Extensive bibliographies/reference lists are provided

Museum catalogs are an especially helpful scholarly source.

  • They compile exemplary artworks on a shared theme or topic
  • Include scholarly essays and high quality printed images
  • Published by/in collaboration with a museum (e.g. Getty, Met Museum)
  • TIP: add the keyword "exhibitions" to your library search. E.g. "aphrodite exhibitions"

Search for Books

*eBooks are the same as traditional books, even though they are online. Once you are looking at the eBook online, you can search within the text for a specific word or phrase.

Google Book Search

*Google Books searches within the text  and can find references to specific artists, pieces, or exhibitions. This will help you locate a possible resource that you may have missed in the Catalog.  When you've found a source, click on the "Library Search" link on the lefthand side to see if the book is located in SCAD Libraries.

Search the SCAD Libraries catalog for books, ebooks, DVDs, and magazine/journal subscriptions: