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ARTH 347 - Great Masters' Materials and Techniques - Mason: Find Images

Research tips and resources for Dr. Mason's class - Savannah - Summer 2020

Find Images

High-quality art images are essential for research, papers and presentations. Recommended image sources are listed here.

photo credit: carolynhack via photopin cc

Mona Lisa, DaVinci via ARTstor

Download High Quality Images Here

SCAD's Image Databases provide the best-quality images along with essential details and credits. These images are NOT available on Google!

Using Images to Get Research Ideas

Not sure which artwork, object or artist to research? Get ideas by browsing categories or starting with an advanced search in the image databases.

  • Identify a general place and time period to start with.
  • Refine results further by selecting specific kinds of art or choosing a more specific place (e.g., Italy instead of Europe)
  • Mine information within the image record for additional keywords - specific artwork or place names, artists, etc.
  • Repeat the process in the image databases, or proceed to article and book searches.

Additional Image Search Tips

Need more help with the image databases? How-to tips are posted here: