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ARTH 701 - Contemporary Art: Find Books

Savannah Fall 2019

Find Books

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Types of Books

Exhibition Catalogs are records of art exhibitions.  Catalogs contain a list of works shown, including piece title, artist, and date created.  Often, they will also include images, biographical information about the artist(s), scholarly essays, and analysis of the works.  Exhibition Catalogs are very useful when researching a contemporary artist, because that is usually the only scholarly analysis that exists. See the Contemporary Artists Index on the "Researching an Artist" tab for help finding catologs.

A Catalogue Raisonné is a comprehensive catalogue of artworks by a certain artists.  Often, these books will also feature biographical information on the artist, analysis of works, and images.  Raisonnés of popular and significant artists are kept in our reference section.

Which books are scholarly?

To identify scholarly books, check for:

  • A university or academic publisher (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge)
  • Authors/editors are scholars, professors, curators, etc.
  • Extensive bibliographies/reference lists are provided

Museum catalogs are an especially helpful scholarly source.

  • They compile exemplary artworks on a shared theme or topic
  • Include scholarly essays and high quality printed images
  • Published by/in collaboration with a museum (e.g. Getty, Met Museum)
  • TIP: add the keyword "exhibitions" to your library search. E.g. "aphrodite exhibitions"

Book Search Tips

  • Check the location, call number, and status before heading to the shelf (see example below)
  • Books are organized by subject, so take time to browse the shelves. You might find something useful you didn't see in the catalog.
  • Obtain books from other SCAD locations or place a hold with the request service. Learn how here!

catalog record screenshot