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ARTH 348 - British Portraiture - Trittel: Find Articles

Find Scholarly / Peer Reviewed Articles

Search Strategies

Customize your search to improve results. This is where your list of brainstormed keywords comes in handy!

  • Group keywords with quotation marks to search as an exact phrase. Example: “dragon robe”
  • Use AND to combine several keywords or phrases. Example: “dragon robe”  AND chinese
  • Use OR to search for information about one term, and also articles about another term. Example: textile OR fiber
  • Use the asterisk * if you want to search multiple iterations of a keyword. Example: weav* = weaving, weave, weaved

Advanced Search features make it easy to narrow a large result list. For example:

  • Subject links limit results to a specific topic or discipline
  • Specify a publication date range
  • Search within the title of an article, the summary or the entire text

Working From Off-Campus

You can use SCAD databases from any computer! Tips for off-campus access:

  • After selecting a database link, the login window will open.
  • Enter your last name as it appears on the front of your SCAD ID card
  • For ID Number, use the 9-digit number located on the front of your SCAD ID card

    Ask A Librarian if you are having difficulties logging in.

      Recommended Databases

      Recommended Journals

      Search the Library for Books, Articles, DVDs and more:

      Search the majority of SCAD Libraries' digital and physical collections - locate news, magazine and journal articles, books and ebooks, digital images, and more.

      Accessing Full Text

      When using a database, book for PDF links, or in Catalog Plus look for a Full Text Online link. Click to access the article.

      Not all articles are available as PDF, or there may be multiple options for access. If you click 'Find it @ SCAD' or 'Full Text Online' you may see the below page:

      find it at scad

      No digital OR print options for your article? Not sure how to find a printed article on the shelf? Experiencing technical issues/broken links?  Ask A Librarian for help!