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ARTH 333 - Egyptian Art and Archaeology - Butz: Find Background Information

Savannah - Winter 2020

Recommended Wikipedia Alternatives

These academic resources provide trustworthy information.

Additional Starter Sources

In addition to your class textbooks and required readings, you could use these reference books to jump start your research.

Using Reference Sources

Don't end your research here! Reference sources are too general to be used on their own. But, they are perfect for finding basic information and ideas before proceeding into in-depth research.

When using a reference source, look for key terms, clues and leads such as:

  • Important dates and time periods
  • Notable places
  • Subjects, characters, stories, symbols, etc.
  • Artists, patrons and other people involved
  • Info on style, form, function
  • Related historical and social factors
  • Prominent scholars and suggested articles and books (check bibliographies/references)

Write down these terms, then use them as keywords when searching library catalog and databases.

Be aware a person, place or idea may have more than one name! Remain alert for synonyms and alternative words.