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ARTH 333 - Egyptian Art and Archaeology - Butz: Find Books

Savannah - Winter 2020

Find Books

Locate books using a classic catalog search, below.


Relevant Call Number Areas & Subjects

BL 2400 - 2450 - Ancient Egyptian religion and deities

DT 56 - 100 - Ancient Egypt and antiquities

  • DT 62  - Funeral rites
  • DT 87.5 - Tutankhamen

N 5335 - 5336 - Ancient Egyptian art

PJ 1015 - 1949 - Egyptian language and writing

Additional books may be found in NA, NB, NK, etc. depending on the topic.

Which Books are Scholarly?

To identify scholarly books, check for:

  • Publisher: college, university or other research institution (Oxford, Yale, etc.)
  • Authors/editors: scholars, professors, curators, etc.
  • Extensive bibliographies/reference lists

Museum exhibition catalogs are an especially helpful scholarly source.

  • They compile exemplary artworks on a shared theme or topic
  • May include scholarly essays and high quality printed images
  • Look for books published by major museums: (Ex. Smithsonian Institution, Met Museum, etc.)
  • TIP: add the keyword "exhibitions" to your library search.

Book Search Tips

  • Experiment with various keywords (even small changes make a difference)
  • Check the location, call number, and status before heading to the shelf (see example below)
  • Books are organized by subject, so take time to browse the shelves. You might find something useful you didn't see in the catalog.
  • Obtain books from other SCAD locations or place a hold with the request service. Learn how here!

catalog record screenshot