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ARTH 396 - Art and Architectural Treasures of the Vatican -: Find Scholarly Articles

Find Articles

Scholarly journal articles - found in library databases - provide specific, in-depth information.

Start here or use the databases by title or by subject lists on the library website.

Search Strategies

Customize your search to improve results.
This is where your list of keywords comes in handy!

Group keywords with quotation marks to search as an exact phrase
Example: “book of genesis”
& Use AND to combine several keywords or phrases
Example: “creation story”  AND paintings
+ Use OR to search for information about one term, 
and also articles about another term. 
Example: cupid OR eros
* Use the asterisk if you want to search multiple iterations of a keyword. 
Example: sculpt* = sculpture, sculptors, sculpted

Advanced Search features make it easy to narrow a large result list. For example:

  • Subject links limit results to a specific topic or discipline
  • Specify a publication date range
  • Search within the title of an article, the summary or the entire text

Recommended Research Databases

Accessing Full Text

When using a database, look for PDF links, or in Catalog Plus look for a Full Text Online link. Click to access the article.

Not all articles are available as PDF, or there may be multiple options for access. If you click 'Find it @ SCAD' or 'Full Text Online' you may see the below page:

find it at scad

No digital OR print options for your article? Not sure how to find a printed article on the shelf? Experiencing technical issues/broken links?  Ask A Librarian for help!