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Finding and Using Ebooks: Ebooks on EBSCOhost

About ebooks on EBSCOhost

Ebooks from EBSCOhost provides over 60,000+ ebooks on a wide array of topics.

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Searching for EBSCOhost eBooks

This tutorial demonstrates the searching functionality for EBSCO ebooks as well as how to read ebooks online.

Download / Check out EBSCO eBooks

Most EBSCO ebooks can be downloaded. This will enable you to temporarily 'check out' the book, and view it offline on various devices.

Important to know:

  • You must have a MyEBSCO account to download ebooks. You will be prompted to sign-in or create your account during the download process.
  • EBSCO ebooks can be checked out for up to 5 days.
  • Find your checked out books under My Folder in EBSCO.
  • When the checkout period is over, the ebook will disappear from your device.
  • Most EBSCO ebooks can be used by only one person at a time.
  • If a book is checked out by another user, you will be prompted to place a hold. By placing the hold, you will receive an email when the book becomes available again. At that point you will have 12 hours to download/access the ebook, before it goes to the next person in the queue.