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Illustration Research Portal: Images

Find Images at SCAD Libraries and Beyond


Mahogany sofa from the home of Robert Smalls National Museum of African American History and Culture via SI Open Access

Search Tips

Search tips!

  • Google Images can be a good starting point, but don't end your search there!
  • Use a library image database.
    • These have high-quality images that look good in presentations and come from verifiable sources.
  • Utilize the advanced search features of any image database to get more specific results.

High-Resolution Image Databases at SCAD

Finding Images and Inspiration Online

The following online image resources are free and publicly accessible:

Sites offer copyright-free images or open license images for reuse.

Architecture & Environmental Panoramas

A panoramic view of Manarola and its terraces, Cinque Terre, Italy. License: CC0 Public Domain via Public Domain Pictures.

Refer back to copyright considerations and fair use for these resources! The majority of these panoramas are copyright, so make sure any use is limited and transformative.

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Flickr Tips

To find images you can use on Flickr:

1. Search in the home page search bar.

2. Change "Any License" to "No known copyright restrictions"


3. Refine your search by color or image type.