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Illustration Research Portal: Styles

Search Tips

Use these call numbers and keywords to browse for books on these subjects in the library and the
library catalog:

  • NC 965 Children's Book Illustration
  • NC 997-1003 Commercial Art, Advertising Art
  • NC 1800-1850 Posters
  • PZ Juvenile Fiction
  • QH 46.5 Natural History Illustration
  • QK 98.15-98.18 Botanical Illustration
  • QL 46.5 Animal Illustration
  • QL 674.4 Bird Illustration
  • R 836 Medical Illustration
  • TT 509 Fashion Drawing

Other Keywords:

  • figure drawing
  • concept art
  • fashion illustration
  • fashion sketching
  • commercial art
  • graphic art
  • advertising
  • scientific illustration


Many non-illustration books and articles are illustrated! Don't forget to browse areas of interest that might feature illustrations, such as cookbooks, botanical texts, etc.

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Concept Art