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Finding and Using Images: Visual Resources Center

Tips for finding images for research and creative projects

About the Visual Resources Center

The Visual Resources Center (VRC) provides images of works of art, architecture and design that are utilized in classroom instruction, student presentations and research at all SCAD locations. The VRC maintains SCAD's Digital Image Database, SCAD digital collections, and 35mm slide collection.

Phone: 912.525.4726
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Images Created On Request

this book

Do you need high quality images related to a specific artist, artwork, or subject? The Visual Resources Center (VRC) welcomes requests from patrons in all SCAD locations. The images will be added to the SCAD DID so everyone at SCAD can benefit.

To make a request, please fill out and submit an online Image Request Form.

Additional policies and procedures are posted on the VRC's library page.

Creative Commons licensed image

Locating Digital Images Developed by the VRC

Search the Digital Image Database and SCAD Digital Collections, linked below.

Check the "SCAD's Image Databases" tab on this guide for additional sources and search tips.