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SCAD Libraries' Online Resources and Services: Online Resources

SCAD Libraries offer a vast array of resources and services to meet the research, information, learning and inspiration needs of students. This research guide provides information about SCAD Libraries’ online resources, and remote library services available to the SCAD community.

Visit to access all online information and services.

SCAD LIbraries' Online Resources

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Search SCAD Libraries

Search SCAD Libraries

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Search SCAD Libraries

Use the following links to access useful online resources in a variety of disciplines.

(Please note: if you see a "security exception" notice, please just used the advanced option to click through to access the content.)

Open Access Resources

Google Scholar Search

Configure Google Scholar to access full text articles via the SCAD Libraries' subscription databases. Find set-up instructions here.

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Advanced Search

Search for open access resources across 22 different OER sources.