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Special Collections at the Jen Library, SCAD-Savannah: The Newton Collection

About the Newton Collection

The SCAD Museum of Art holds the The Earle W. Newton Collection of British and American Art.  The Collection consists of rare books, antique maps, and paintings, with works by Hogarth, Van Dyck, Gainsborough, Reynolds, Romney and others. While all of the art and most of the maps reside at the SCAD Museum of Art, the books and a few of the maps are now at the Jen Library in Special Collections. 

In the late 1940s, Newton founded two magazines, American Heritage and Vermont Life.  He was the author of The Vermont Story: A History of the People of the Green Mountain State 1749-1949; Essays on the Social and Economic History of Vermont; Before Pearl Harbor; The Americanization of the Gulf Coast, 1803-1850; The Upper Connecticut: Narratives of its Settlement and its Part in the American Revolution; Spain and Her Rivals on the Gulf Coast; In Search of Gulf Coast Colonial History; and Our American Heritage: An Interpretation.

He established a Museum of the Americas in Brookfield, Vermont and served as its president from 1989 to 2003.  He was also a professor of art and presidential assistant at Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont. 

In 2002, the Newton Center for British and American Studies was established at SCAD. The collection includes more than 200 portraits by painters such as Van Dyck, Reynolds, Gainsborough, and Gilbert Stuart, more than 1,400 prints, and many early maps.  Newton had a fondness for English painter and printmaker, William Hogarth, whose work is well represented in both the books and the art. Newton also collected early editions of Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, and many others. 

Books in the Newton Collection

Mark Twain in the Newton Collections

Books on Hogarth in the Newton Collection

A Caricature by Hogarth

Periodicals in the Newton Collection

Maps in the Newton Collection

Shakespeare in the Newton Collection

Historical Books in the Newton Collection