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Welcome to the Research Guide for ARTH 220: Survey of Asian Art.

Panel with Boys at Play, late 16th-early 17th century, silk and metal thread tapestry. Ming Dynasty. Via the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Required and Recommended Readings

Required Reading

Recommended Reading

For further reading in art historical styles and meaning:

For research and writing, especially for those interested in continuing with art history:

Get Started

Just getting started? These academic art dictionary and encyclopedias are great sources for trustworthy information when first researching an artist, a medium, or a time period. 

Other Resources

This guide will provide you with information on how to effectively use the library, as well as resources to aide your success in Art History courses.

Books provide biographical information about your chosen artist, as well as contextual information about your artwork, medium, or time period.

Scholarly Articles
Scholarly articles contain focused, specific arguments.

Use high resolution images for a visual analysis.  You will also want to include images in you final paper or presentation.

Primary Sources
Primary sources provide first-hand information on the life and time period of your artist.