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SEQA 410 - Senior Portfolio: Comics Industry & Market Research

Resources and tips for SEQA 410 Senior Studio Project class (Savannah, Summer 2018)

Industry & Market Research

How does the comic industry look? Are you interested in small-press ventures, or one of the Big Two, or something in-between? These resources can help you to identify sales numbers and the market share of various publishers.

Find Art Directors

NOTE: Redbooks only allows for 5 concurrent users. If you encounter an issue accessing the directory, please wait 15 minutes and try again.

Beyond comics

To get a full picture of the comics industry, you might need to look beyond industry-specific news and media sources. Look at general trends in print vs. electronic book sales, web advertising strategies, comics-related stories and profiles in external publications, and more.

To get started, you can search multiple news and scholarly (academic) journal sources using the library's CatalogPlus tool:

Industry Reports & Company Data

Comics sales numbers, company profiles and business reports, and industry information.

Pricing & Publishing Guidance

Marketing Research