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Research tips and resources for Prof. Waldvogel's DSGN 105 classes - Savannah


Robert Rauschenberg, Untitled (Elemental Sculpture) c. 1953 image via

This guide provides recommended research tools for your DSGN 105 assignment.

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Strategies for Finding Images

Databases and search engines aren't as smart as people. You might not be able to type in "paintings with strong use of line" and find a result, but you can ask yourself questions and use other phrases or keywords to help sort through the millions of digital images in library databases and online.

Why should I use these databases instead of searching the internet?

  • Our books and databases have very high-quality, authoritative images - you're getting the best of the best.

How can I search based on a concept or idea like "strong horizontal lines" or "balanced composition"?

  • Try those ideas as keywords! Search "composition," "balance," "proportion," "linear perspective," etc.
  • What kinds of art or which artists use these design principles in their work? Try searching their names.
  • What movements or periods of art have a strong focus on design elements? (e.g. Surrealism, High Renaissance)

Assignment - Find One Image

Subject Guide

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