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ACCE 205 - Introduction to Accessory Design - Norton: Starter & Essential Sources

Research tips and tools for Professor Norton's class - Savannah

Essential For this Course

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Your Research Project

Information and inspiration merge with your own creative vision in this research project. Use the tabs on this guide to explore a variety of relevant sources.

Create Context

Good design does not exist in a vacuum. Designers are influenced by histories that preceded them, and situations and ideas they encounter in their own lives and times. Their work in turn influences future designers and their impact changes over time.

These contexts lend a deeper understanding and are a source of inspiration.

To develop context, brainstorm questions about your topic, such as:

Designer questions:

  • What is most unique about this designer's work?
  • What might have led them to develop this style?
  • How did the designer's nationality or culture influence their work?
  • How has the designer's style evolved over the course of their career?

Time period questions:

  • What was trendy at that time -- beyond fashion? (Art, film, literature, music, etc?)
  • What were the major political, social, economic (etc.) issues?
  • Which technologies, materials & manufacturing processes were available?
  • How did these trends and issues differ from place to place?