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SEQA 410 - Senior Portfolio: Sequential History

Resources and tips for SEQA 410 Senior Studio Project class (Savannah, Summer 2018)

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Comic books, strips, etc.

Caricature. Pictorial humor and satire

Other Keywords
sequential art, manga, graphic novel

Books on Influential Concepts

Influential People & Concepts

 Check out Brittanica Online  & Oxford Art Online to learn basic information about people and concepts that had a significant impact on the development of sequential art.

Art Spiegelman
American author and illustrator, creator of "Maus".

Jack Kirby
American comic-book artist, helped create characters such as "Captain America", "The Incredible Hulk", and "The Fantastic Four".

Charles Schulz
American cartoonist, creator of "Peanuts".

Will Eisner
American comic-book artist, creator of "The Spirit".

Winsor McCay
American newspaper cartoonist and pioneer of animated films.

Hayao Miyazaki
Japanese film director, animator, manga artist and screenwriter.



Graphic Novel

Manga World

"Filmed in Japan, this program pushes beyond the stereotypes to objectively examine the history of manga, how manga are drawn, and manga’s influence on Japanese life."

Reference Books