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Research tips and tools for INDS 470


This guide provides recommended research tools and tips for your INDS 470 assignments.

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Looking for ideas or project inspiration? Use these resources to explore non-design and interdisciplinary topics.

Find articles from professional (industry) and academic/scholarly journals and databases, materials data, and psychology/behavioral research that help you investigate the interaction between humans and their environments.

Are your sources appropriate for a research project? Understand how to evaluate the information you find.

Tips and tools for managing and citing your sources.

Key Tips

It's OK to use basic sources for inspiration and initial info, such as newspapers, magazines, textbooks and reference materials. Even just browsing the library's shelves can spark new ideas.

Once you have a clearer idea of your topic/concept, locate scholarly and in-depth professional information, such as journal articles, case studies, etc. These will provide the strong evidence needed to develop a design solution.

Use a variety of search terms. A concept may be known by various names. For example, in addition to "children", try "youth", "infants", "preteens", etc.

Bear in mind you may not find the one 'perfect' source for your project. Instead, expect to synthesize a variety of sources in a new way.

Brainstorm Your Topic

Download this worksheet to brainstorm your topic and identify related concepts to research.

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