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FASM 420 - Global Sourcing and Import Buying for Fashion: Home

Research tips and tools for FASM 420 Students


This guide provides recommended research tools and tips for your FASM 420 assignments.

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Catalog Plus

Use this search box to obtain a wide array of sources - books, ebooks, articles and more - from the library's catalog and most databases.

Key Tips

Expect to use a wide variety of sources, including a combination of library research tools, websites and primary research (e.g. speaking with contacts directly).

Use a variety of terms when searching for sourcing info. For example, top could also be listed as blouse, shirt, polo, t-shirt, sweater, etc.

Extrapolate pieces of useful data from unexpected sources. For example, search the news for info related to manufacturing in your country, noting key people, companies, places and events for further research.

Accessing Full Text

When using a database, look for PDF links, or in Catalog Plus look for a Full Text Online link. Click to access the article.

Not all articles are available as PDF, or there may be multiple options for access. If you click 'Find it @ SCAD' or 'Full Text Online' you may see the below page:

find it at scad

No digital OR print options for your article? Not sure how to find a printed article on the shelf? Experiencing technical issues/broken links?  Ask A Librarian for help!