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FASM 420 - Global Sourcing and Import Buying for Fashion: Sourcing Information

Research tips and tools for FASM 420 Students


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Research Shipment Trends in Panjiva

Use an advanced search to assess the number of shipments, shipment volume and weight for a specific country, product and time frame:

  1. Identify the relevant HTS codes for your project
  2. Within Panjiva, type the code(s) into the main search box, and select 'Shipment' from the drop-down
  3. In the shipment results side bar: adjust date range, and select the 'shipment origin' country
  4. After the results are filtered, click All Summary Reports tab > Shipment Month

This will display the number of shipments, weight and volume per month for the chosen product and country. Data may be exported to .xslx or .csv for further analysis in Microsoft Excel.

Panjiva Workshop (Recording) originally aired Thursday, March 25th, 2:30pm EDT

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Harmonized Tariff Schedule: Identify HTS Codes

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) is a system used to consistently describe globally traded products. Each product type has its own HTS code. The longer the code number, the more specific the product type.

Tip: For more consistent search results in Panjiva, try searching by HTS code, rather than product name.

Example code ranges for apparel industries:

  • Codes 6101 through 6117 - Knitted or crocheted apparel and accessories
  • 6201 through 6217 - Non-knitted/ non-crocheted apparel and accessories
  • 6401 through 6406 - Footwear

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