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FASM 420 - Global Sourcing and Import Buying for Fashion: Industry & Market Information

Research tips and tools for FASM 420 Students

Apparel and Textile Manufacturing News Sources

Fashion Business News Sources

Euromonitor - Industry Information

To access industry information from Euromonitor:

  1. Locate the "Search Analysis" box on the home page
  2. Select "industries"
  3. Select an industry category and a country from the drop-down menus, and click "GO"

Euromonitor Analysis Search Box

On the results page, use the sidebar to narrow even further, or look for these recommended content types:

  • Report: Summary of annual business trends, prospects and market data for a product category (e.g. womenswear, sportswear, accessories) or an overall industry (e.g. apparel and footwear)
  • Opinion: Brief, professional analysis of a current market issue, trend or challenge
  • Podcast or Videocast: Short audio or video analysis of a current market issue, trend or challenge

OneSource - Industry / Market Reports

Click the link above to enter the OneSource database.

Within OneSource, click the Research Industries box. Search by industry keyword, name or code. Some suggested keywords are listed below.

Select an industry, and click on it for more details. In particular, look for Market Research Reports which are available as PDFs.

TIP: Suggested keywords and codes are below.

  • 315 – Apparel Manufacturing
  • 313 – Textile Mills
  • 3152 – Cut and Sew Apparel
  • 3151 – Apparel Knitting
  • 3159 – Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing
  • 3162 – Manufacture of Footwear


Statista Logo


WARC is a marketing/adverstising database that also provides articles, reports and news about general consumer and marketplace news and trends.

Try exploring by "trends" and "topics".Or use the WARC Index linked below.

You can also use this database to obtain company-specific information and insights.

WARC Workshop (Recording) originally aired Monday, April 12th, 11:30am EDT

Data Axle - U.S. Businesses

To locate info about U.S. businesses:

Start at Reference USA (link above)

Then go to 

and use the Custom Search to search by general location, business size, and other factors.

Click Update Count, then View Results when you're done building the search.

Click the company name to review their report.