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SCAD Library Atlanta Special Collections

9th Annual Artists' Book Competition Winners

Award Artist Title
Sculptural Books    
First Place Norah Zagorski Bentley's Blueberry Tea
Second Place Morgan Ball Good Afternoon Balloon
Third Place Helen O'Connor Sacred
Honorable Mention Liangyi He Untitled (One-Way Trip)
Wordless Books    
First Place Helen O'Connor Hue
Second Place Misha Freyberger Munch
Third Place Linh-Chi Nguyen Illusion
Books with Text: Original Content    
First Place Amy M. Douglas #FAFATL
Second Place Kasey Melin Room for Jesus
Third Place Ye Sol Lee Monotonous
Books with Text: Sourced Content    
First Place Milo Reid Unfavorable Amazon Reviews
Second Place Carolos Albaladejo Pan's Labyrinth
Third Place Keeley Gribb Relativity
Honorable Mention My Thao Nguyen Grand Budapest Hotel
First Place Alexander Solomon Deep Into My Mind
Second Place SCAD Radio SCAD Atlanta Radio Music Zine
Third Place Hannah Pasedag On LGBT Representation in the Media
Librarian's Choice    
First Place Vitor Silva Einstein's Dreams
Honorable Mention Peter Tran Looking


9th Annual Competition Winners


9th Annual Artists' Book Sympoium : Instant Book!

Make your own instant book! Just print the PDFs double sided and follow the cut and fold directions.