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SCAD Library Atlanta Special Collections

Nexus Press Books

Nexus Press books were printed with a commercial printing process called offset lithography. Prior to the 1960s, offset lithography was not used as an artist's medium. Founding director of Nexus Press, Michael Goodman, attended an evening trade school for industrial offset printing while completing his MFA in Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago. With offset printing, artists could rapidly print large, high quality editions, thus enabling more people to access and own artwork. Many book artists were interested in breaking out of the elitist confines of the white box gallery and museum spaces. Nexus Press were known for addressing charged societal topics such as race, sexuality, and war. The books also include playful experiments with materials as in Lionello Gennero's Musical Book, where the pages, consisting of glassine, mesh, wire, and other materials, create a sound experience as they are turned. Nexus Press books can be experienced in person at SCAD Libraries - Atlanta; they are cataloged and searchable here.

Musical Book by Lionello Gennero, 1979

Long Short Story by Phillip Zimmermann, 1999

Space + Time by Ken Leslie, 2002

Insomnia by Richard Russell, 1991

The Anti-Warhol Museum by Bonnie O'Connell, 1993

Confidence, Nervousness, Self-Control: On How to Read a Person Like a Book by Katarina Burin, 2000